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Errata: Known Errors in "Heard on The Street"

7th Edition (Edition 2001) ISBN: 0-9700552-0-X

8th Edition (Edition 2003) ISBN: 0-9700552-1-8

9th Edition (Edition 2004) ISBN: 0-9700552-3-4.

These are all minor, and do not affect the answers.

eBook version of 9th Edition (Edition 2004) Parent ISBN: 0-9700552-3-4, eBook ISBN: B0001DLM26.

Most are minor, and do not affect the answers.

10th Edition (Edition 2007) ISBN: 0-9700552-5-0.

11th Edition (Edition 2008) ISBN: 0-9700552-6-9.

12th Edition (July 2009) ISBN: 0-9700552-7-7.

13th Edition (July 2012) ISBN: 0-9700552-8-5.

15th Edition (August 2014) ISBN: 978-0-9941038-6-4.

16th Edition (September 2015) ISBN: 978-0-9941182-5-7.

17th Edition (November 2016) ISBN: 978-0-9941386-3-7.

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Last Updated: December 27, 2016